Friday, June 12, 2009

Lesson #1: Always back up your files & ORGANIZE

As I sit in Stockholm, lamenting over how unorganized my work style led to chaos when my computer crashed last month I came to accept the fact that I will HAVE to back up my files frequently this point forward AND learn to organize my work better even though it feels like a waste of time. If only I had better tendencies to back up my files & organize things in a coherant way that atleast I can remember, my life right now would be so much better (although what I would do in a rainy cold summer day, I'm not sure...but its the concept that I'm talking about).
I don't like to dwell on the past, but in this case, looking back will hopefully help me with better productivity and avoid further crisis situations. For amusement's sake, I'll try to make this entertaining as possible

Where I went wrong:
1. Always relied on my place of work to back up my files:
American Office did spoil me with their frequent backup through the design server, both for the DC office & the designers intra office. Once I quit, there was no AO support to ensure my work is safe.

2. Always relied on my place of work to organize my work flow for me
Yes, from organizing how to file my government & commercial file to how and when to enter my hours, my entire work process was organized for me. I guess I could've retained some of that structure....but what student wants a stuffy corporate process to take over their life? I guess a well organized one!

3. "It could never happen to me" attitude.
I was above it all; I don't download anything unnecessary and thought doing daily spyware checks would ensure my computer never failed. There was no way I would be one of those people whose computer would crash, and they wouldnt know why, let alone lose everything!
Except it did happen, and still might again. Lucky that my friend was able to retain most of my files, otherwise I would've lost about 3 years of my life...

4. Using a PC instead of a Mac.
Yes, I said it. If this is found by a PC manufacturer in the future, here is what I say to you: As a post Mac user, I just simply got spoiled and started to expect same sort of efficiency & security from apple. Its not a an extra task with good old apple to take care of spyware. In addition, the interface is so much more user friendly, especially for a non-so-tech-savvy-designer. And, for the record, I switched to PC not primarily for the lower cost, but at the time of the switch, mac did not have a stable foundation to use CAD based program. Will I use a PC again? probably. Will my next computer purchase be a Mac? DEFINETELY.

5. Not checking my system requirements before downloading programs.
This very well could've been the cause of of my computer crashing. But as the computer industry is moving towards a 64bit, it is very imperitive for a 32 bit system like mine to make sure all the requirements for new downloads are met. I know, its hard to think you're computer's aging...either keep upgrading or becareful.

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